Sunday, August 13, 2006

Gender Equality According to Hummer

How nice it is that Megan warned you all, although I was looking forward to barging in. I guess I'll introduce myself. I'm Emily posting as FEMily! I'm 21, and I'll be starting graduate school in the fall, which means I'll be a student by night and hopefull a feminazi all day!

I was going to write about these Hummer commercials that I've been seeing lately in my other blog, but they made a slight change to one of them. Despite the change, I can still bitch about it. Huzzah! In case you're confused about which Hummer commercials I'm talking about, here's a description.

One commercial stars a mother playing with her young son at the park. A heart-warming scene indeed! Then she realizes that motherhood in public is unbecoming, so she races to the nearest GM dealer, trades in her mini van that just screams "Mom Mobile," and buys a shiny new Hummer. The commercial ends with Hummer me to "get my girl on." I guess that means buy something that'll expel more carcinogens into the air my hypothetical children breathe.

The other feautures a young man buying a supply of vegetables and tofu at the grocer's check-out counter. He looks behind him to see another man buying more manly groceries of red meat and beer. Of course, the vegetarian feels his masculinity has been threatened. I'm sure in the micro cosm of "Patriarchy at the Grocery Store" such a manly man would be gossipping to all of his friends about "that vegetarian with a penis" in between tearing through a bloody steak and chugging a Bud Light. Naturally, our bean curd-loving protaganist trades in his small, fuel-efficient auto for a Hummer behind the slogan "Reclaim your manhood." This last bit was eventually changed to "Restore the balance," probably after they donated a large sum to The National Right to Life.

Even with the change of the commercial aimed towards men who like tofu, both commercials are still sexist for the simple fact that they exist. For the first commercial, a conflicting message that is sent to every female in this country is reinforced: While motherhood is something to be desired by every woman and girl, it is also a life path that is suppressive; a woman can't be a mom and the person she was before she was a mom (unless she buys a Hummer, that is). As for the second commercial, taking out the word "manhood" does not fix anything if they replace it with a phrase that is equally patriarchal and the overall themes of the commercial remain. The belief that men who don't eat meat are somehow lesser men is still a motivating factor in buying a Hummer. Driving the Hummer "restores the balance" by doing a "manly" activity to cancel out eating his chick food. I mean, if he can't get cancer on his lean protein and high antioxidant diet, he might as well get it from breathing in smog!

Don't take my word for it, buddies. You can see the commercials on their official website!


Megan said...

Could not have said it better myself. Oh you're going to outshine me on my own blog you meanie.

And you didn't even introduce yourself. :P

Megan said...

Haha. Either I can't read or you added that intro. . .I hope it's the second one. :/

Emily said...

Yeah, I noticed I forgot to introduce myself about five seconds after I posted. I added a little something about myself, no life story.

Oh, I won't be too smart, I promise ;)

By the way, is the Drew who's commenting here Drew from TG? I didn't think it was at first, because Drew's not a jerk, but then I saw his blog was on your list of links and got a little apprehensive. I'm sure it's not the same one, because TG Drew comments on Womb of Doom regularly, sometimes with a sexist joke, but nothing that excuses rape. He and Ibad read Womb of Doom, and I just posted there the link to here, so I hope they start coming here too.

Megan said...

Well, if it's not the same Drew, I've been duped. O_O

Emily said...

Hmmmm. I hope he's just messing with you. He just can't be a 1 in 9 guy!

By the way, love the new banner!

Drew said...

I don't think I quite understand the connection between femininity and a Hummer. Hummer:SUV::tank:Jeep

When I went to the grocery store today, I got a cucumber, a carrot, an avocado, seaweed, and a bubble tea. By the spirit of this commercial, I think my penis is now gonna shrivel up and fall off unless I buy a Hummer.

Emily said...

Do you think I'd grow a penis if I bought a Hummer?

Megan said...

I always knew you had penis envy, you feminazi, you.