Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The New Blog is UP!

I just wrote my first post on my new blog, [A] Funny Feminist. It's just an introduction not unlike the post just below this one, in fact. It's still under construction, but I posted a bit about what's to come in the next few days. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm Moving!

After some thought, I've decided to create a different blog. I think I'll stick with Blogger since it seems the easiest to use. It's definitely better than LiveJournal, in my opinion. I've archived all of my posts from Feminists to the Rescue and my old blog, Womb of Doom, that I've written over the past couple of years. There's like 230-something! Put it on your summer reading list.

For the new blog, I'm thinking of going funny. I know what you're thinking. "Emily, you don't have to go anywhere. You're already funny." But I don't think I've used enough of my sense of humor on this blog, and I would like to make that central to my posts. I was thinking of calling it The Funny Feminist, but I know I'm not the funny feminist, nor do I want to be (that's a lot of pressure). So I'm leaning towards [A] Funny Feminist. It indicates that there's more than one funny feminist, and the brackets around the "A" just look stylish to me.

I'm thinking of a few segments. Maybe just "moments." "Segment" implies that it has to be regular, and I just don't think I can commit to that sort of thing. I know I'm keeping "Take Action Fridays" (or whatever day of the week I feel like posting it on). I also have something called "Pro-Life Indeed" in mind to show how pro-lifers don't really give a flying monkey about people's lives at all. I'm also thinking about a call for reactionary sexists to finally accept the radical modern thought of women as people in something I'll probably call "Join Us!" And I'll be posting funny videos of a feminist nature that I happen to find. I'm still not sure if I'll be posting bad news that would be offensive if I poked fun at it. I don't want to completely eliminate those kinds of posts because it's important that people know the horrible consequences of sexism. I'll see.

Hopefully I'll have everything set up in the next week. I created a logo last night. It's just a cartoon picture of myself laughing. I had to make sure I didn't make it look too much like Mikhaela at The Boiling Point! I don't know about in real life, but in cartoon land, we look quite similar. I hope I can put it up, because it's definitely hilarious.

Lastly but not leastly, thanks to everyone who visited and/or commented (you too, misogynoids!). And a very big thanks to Megan for letting me post here! I'll post the link to the new blog once I set up everything, and I hope to see you all there. Peace!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Take Action & Stuff I Forgot to Post About

Long time, no post. I've been real busy lately. And by "busy" I mean "lazy!" My brother hooked up the Xbox to the HD television, so I've been playing Virtua Fighter 5 all week. You can see the pores on the back of Akira's hand! Exciting, right? Anyway . . . .

Tell Beef Northwest to negotiate with their union workers.

Tell Eagle Industries, which makes military gear, to allow their employees to form unions.

Stop so-called "pro-life" pharmacies. The petition is being sent to the Virginia Board Pharmacies, but anyone can sign.

A federal court upheld free speech rights after two anti-choice propoganda mongers were sued for driving a truck with pictures of what they call aborted fetuses (but we all know are stillbirths) around a middle school. Traumatizing children with propoganda. Pro-life indeed! Somehow I doubt the same court would have upheld free speech rights if someone drove around with a picture of a woman and a man "making a baby," if you catch my drift.

Remember the story of the undocumented teen who got an abortion with the help of a federally-funded Catholic organization in Virginia? A bishop in Virginia apologized for the incident. Guess how many times the young woman was mentioned? Once -- "I join my sadness to yours at the loss of the life of an unborn child whose teenage mother was in the foster care of Commonwealth Catholic Charities." So she only exists in relation to a fetus. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

The Associated Press wonders, "if there are two grooms, who kisses the bride?" Yes, important question indeed *eye roll*. The last sentence of the article says it all: “I just say, ’You may now kiss,”’ said [Rev. Neil] Thomas. “I don’t want to get into all that patriarchal stuff.” :D

Diane Negra of the University of East Anglia in England analyzes the media coverage of troubled women celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse. “When we use female celebrities this way, we see them failing and struggling, they serve as proof that for women the work-life balance is impossible. Can you have it all? The answer these stories give again and again is ‘absolutely not.”’

And this isn't necessarily feminist, but a woman in China rescued over 100 dogs that were trapped in the rubble after the earthquake. A-dorable!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Does Anybody Know the Real John McCain?

I'm supposed to send this video to five of my friends, but I'm posting it here because I bet more than five people read this. Right?

Anyway, it's pretty scary how few people know John McCain's record on family planning issues, but it's not surprising, since he's been painted by the media as a maverick. The above video shows the Planned Parenthood team clearing up some misconceptions.

Take Action Friday

Help increase funding for family planning.

Tell investors in Darfur to stand up for human rights.

Show Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) and members of other human rights organizations your support.

Support Pre-K for every child.

Tell Trader Joe's to ensure that their suppliers follow the law by providing water, shade, and bathrooms to their farm workers.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Candace Parker Dunks Again, and Gets Shit On!

What's that saying about women having to work twice as hard to get half the credit of men do? It doesn't really matter what the saying is, because Jim Rome expands on it when it comes to Candace Parker who dunked for the second time the other night. She's the second WNBA player to dunk and the only WNBA player to dunk twice.

Look, I like Candace Parker a lot. She’s a class act and a great athlete. But, if all you have to sell is a layup that you’re calling a dunk, that’s not much at all, is it. It’s basketball! People “throw it down”! Why are you giving yourselves credit for something they do in high school all the time? And in local runs down by the beach? And it would be even more impressive if she didn’t go in all alone, late in a blowout, with a smaller, bi-colored basketball.

Look, I’m not looking for her to take off from the free throw line, or to go off the glass through your legs and throw down a “windmill jam”. But, if it’s not too much to ask, I need to know what I just saw is an actually [sic] a dunk. The WNBA…they’ve got to next. And, two people who can dunk! Sort of!

Don't you just love it when assholes make typos? I love it when that happens. Anyway, Jim Rome is an asshole for other reasons. First, he denies that what Parker did was even a dunk. Um, yes it was, mustache. It was obviously a dunk. He further belittles Parker's achievement by pointing out that she made the dunk with a smaller ball, smaller in comparison to what the men play with in the NBA. It doesn't occur to Rome that WNBA players use a smaller ball because they have smaller hands. He believes that it's unfair that WNBA players use a smaller ball than NBA players, but it would be unfair if WNBA used the same sized ball because they wouldn't be able to handle it as well because it's too big. So basically, Rome wants the game to be unfair to women. He also doesn't like the circumstances of the dunk, since the Sparks were winning by a lot of points. But he didn't seem to think that was a problem after the NBA Finals when the Celtics creamed the Lakers in the final game, calling it "a great win for [the Celtics]" and saying that the Celtics were "much better" than the Lakers. Apparently, it's only okay when men wipe the floor with the other team. Finally, he says that he isn't expecting some sort of theatrical dunk, when that's exactly what he's looking for. Call me when you make up your mind, mustache. In the meantime, shut up.