Monday, January 30, 2006

Why you support rape if you are Pro-life and other stories (maybe)

The most basic answer would be "Duh. You think it's okay to use a woman's body without permission". That being said, I don't understand why pro-lifers get all offended when a pro-choicer will tell them that they must support rape.

It's only logical. If you can support forcing a woman to give birth and forfeit her bodily resources against her will for a fetus, who has never been proven to be a human person, why is it that it wouldn't be okay for a man to use a woman as his penis sleeve whenever he wants to?

When a man rapes a woman, he is using her body without her permission, in this case, for sex, control, and a very very appalling habit. When a woman is forced to maintain a pregnancy, the fetus is using her body without her permission to sustain it's life.

Now, people would say that it's the woman's fault for "getting herself pregnant" and therefore she "needs to face the consequences" of her actions and remain pregnant. Now, if a woman's right to bodily autonomy can be taken away from her because she "needs to face the consequences of her actions", I don't see why the same can't be said about certain rape situations, or even ALL rape situations.


Woman A has sex with her boyfriend. They use a condom. It breaks, she gets pregnant.

Most pro-lifers would say woman A needs to face the consequences of her actions (choosing to have sex, even with protection) and forfeit her right to bodily autonomy.

Example 2:

Woman B goes to a party with a young man she met earlier in the day. She has a few drinks and goes upstairs with said young man. He tells her he wants to have sex with her, but she says no.

Now, this is where I'm confused. The woman CHOSE to go upstairs with said young man from earlier. Why would she go upstairs with him if she didn't want ot have sex? Shouldn't she "face the consequences of her actions" (I mean, she knew that if she went upstairs with the guy, there was a chance she might choose to have sex with him, or he might force himself on her) of choosing to go upstairs with him and sleep with him or be raped? I mean, supposedly, the right to bodily autonomy can be taken away from a woman for making the "wrong" decision, correct?

Therefore, when a pro-lifer tells me that a woman's body is up for grabs as soon as she chooses to have sex (or otherwise), I can't help but remember the girl who chose to go upstairs with a boy and who got raped because of it. I think about how they must think she deserved it, because her body was up for grabs because of her decisions.

And then I think of murderers, arsonists, and rapists who are in federal prisons (And death row, I imagine) free from ever giving up their kidneys, livers, etc., even for the well-being of someone else.

It makes my blood boil. It really does.

Also, Say Woman B from the above example DOES get raped. What if while the man was having his way with her, she grabbed a heavy lamp, hit him in the head, and he died? Wouldn't that be sort of like an abortion?

I mean, if you think about it, the man is sort of like the fetus in a way. Just because the woman went upstairs (kind of like choosing to have sex) does not mean he can have his way with her and use her body without her permission (kind of like not having any obligation to continue a pregnancy). Therefore, the woman hits the man who is raping her in the head with a lamp. If it kills him, it kills him. Said woman just wants to get away.

Now, I'm wondering how many pro-lifers want accidentally killing your rapist to be illegal. Or, efven better, I want the pro-lifers who tell women it's "their fault" that they got pregnant to also tell them that if they're married, that gives their spouse free run of their body. I think pro-lifers who spout the "You chose, you chose" mantra should fight for spousal rape to be legal again. I mean, the woman chose to marry the man. That means that, because of her choices, her body is up for grabs, right?

Yeah. This is the kind of thing a migraine and a bunch of Trig homework sparks.

But whatever. Think about it, bitches, before one of you lifers EVER tells me you own my uterus because "I made my choice when I chose to have teh evil se><0rz".

Friday, January 27, 2006

OMG Emergency stupidity.

So, I just created the post below, but that was when I stumbled on this sack of shit.

President George W. Bush on Monday told opponents of abortion their views would eventually prevail and urged them to work to convince more Americans of "the rightness of our cause."

Bush to anti-abortion activists : "We Will Prevail!"

No wonder the fucker wouldn't say a word on the safety of Roe v Wade, as if we didn't already know.

In any case, I do believe Bushy-boy is counting his anti-chickens before they hatch. I have to believe that Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the pro-choice majority in this country has SOMETHING up it's sleeve that can get his god-damn chicken fetuses aborted before they hatch, and ruin Dubya's misogyny parade before it starts.

I truly hate that man. He used the c-word. "Convenient". I can't believe he's married. Who could marry a man who hates women so much? Laura must have smelled oil money.

I mean it. He has no right to judge so many women that he has no clue about. He may tap into their phones illegally, but he has no clue about any of them. I'm sure if he found himself pregnant, he'd get his bumpkin ass an abortion as fast as you can say "nucular".

For your viewing pleasure, this sums it up. However, I stole the original picture from somewhere (don't remember where) and edited it.


P.S. - Please call your senators to tell them to filibuster Samuel "Get back in the kitchen, bitch" Alito. PLEASE. This is getting desperate.

LOLZ Im lyke a doctur!1

"Given we can't affect Roe versus Wade, this is an effort to try to reduce the number of abortions, which we can do," said Rep. Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City.

The rest of the article here.

What the hell? So, if we can't drive you to the back alleys altogether, we'll just guilt you into forfeiting your rights.

Why do they feel that lying is okay? Medical professionals have repeatedly insisted that it is impossible to tell at which point a fetus can feel pain. Therefore, why must lawmakers push their beliefs about the issue (And I mean, considering they ARE medical professionals, I mean, just look at the bit on "Rep. Tim Harris, R-Marion, who has bachelor's degrees in political science and music performance. . ." Hell yes a bachelor's in pol. science and music performance makes you an OB-GYN. PLEEZ make my decisions for me Mr. Man) into an ill-informed law designed to target women who are ignorant of anything regarding fetal development and their own bodies and who are possibly scared to death and willing to listen to anything that a professional will tell them?

Not only that, but we have to make stupid laws about how abortion clinics can be, you know, because we have to protect the womenz and having a too small hallway or a room that's a foot too wide will certainly equal imminent death.

My question is: Did they measure the width of the alleyway women used to die of sepsis in?

So, we have to "protect the womenz", and, in the process, take away money from clinics and put ridiculous regulations on them so that they have to renovate, move, or close up. That kind of. . .oh, I don't know. . .MAKES NO SENSE.

Indiana = teh dumb.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My birthday is coming up, BTW.

April 4th.

If any of you love me at all, you will buy me this wristband.

That way, when I get it, I can write "for breakfast" on the bottom in white-out.

Please do throw ketchup covered baby-dolls at your computer screen now. They're kinda like tofu, a nice substitute for the real thing.

In reading The Story of Jane. . .

So, I've been reading The Story of Jane by Laura Kaplan, and I am appalled.

Being as young as I am, I can never imagine the oppression of women being as bad as it was before the women's liberation movement swept through. I can never imagine being denied birth control a few days before I was to be married because of stupid laws. I never WANT to imagine becoming pregnant because a doctor told me I had to "wait until after the honeymoon" in order to obtain contraception.

The Story of Jane has made a valid point as well. Women are depicted as being pretty and sexy and appealing to men, and that has been a main point in most advertising and media. The idea permeates society so much it's hard to really point it out sometimes, however, it is certainly there. However, once a woman acts on said appeal, she is to be punished by society by being forced to become a baby-maker. So, she does what she's been told to do, but is then called a slut and a whore and is punished by being forced to relinquish her right to her own body.

Women are constantly being pulled back and forth between nuns and whores, prude and easy, The Madonna or the Jezebel.

If you're the Madonna, you're a failure. If you're the Jezebel, you're also a failure, and you must be punished.

The majority of this issue is fueled by a woman's reproductive system. If women were not the ones who got pregnant, they would not be the ones to be stretched between two ridiculous extremes. But as long as a woman is forced to think in the back of her mind, "This could be when I forfeit my body", women will never be sexually liberated, and possibly never fully liberated at all.

It's a sad sad day when a man can shoot his wad with no consequence, but a woman is forced to take the "responsibility" that others impose on her, using their political power, their sexist double standards, and the woman's own anatomy as the shackles and the cattle prod.

Haha. "Free" country my ass.

Monday, January 23, 2006

My brain will kamikaze you.

I have about ten minutes of bitching before I have to go watch Skating With Celebrities. Enjoy, people.

So I'm on an online debate forum and I keep seeing this one mantra being repeated over and over again by the pro-lifers. "Women who get abortions are selfish".

Now, there is a vast list of things that pro-lifers can say that will really get me pissed off and thus into mega-pwn mode. A lot of it is the main line of argument for the pro-life philosophy, but let me get specific here. My list includes (but is not limited to):

"Women have a responsibility to give birth/carry to term."
"Don't make the baybee pay for the sins of teh father" (Referring to rape)
"Women who abort are selfish"
"If you don't want a baybee, keep ur slutty legs closed lol"

Those are the biggies.

In any case, I will be dealing with the afforementioned "selfish" quote in this round of bitching.

I find it hard to believe that this society, especially the political party which claims to have so much "respect" for mothers, (*cough*"Can I Live by Nick Cannon*cough*) can care so little about the actual trials and adversity that some pregnant women truly have to overcome during that nine months. I mean, fo' serious, do they really think it's a little puking, a little trouble bending over, and then *pop* brand new widdle cuddly wuddly baybee?!?!11?/ Wtf? Seriously, WTF?!

I mean, I think back on my sister's friend's pregnancy with her son Kai and then I think about "Women who abort are selfish" and my brain feels like it wants to jump out of my head, sprout arms, run over to the pro-lifer who just spouted that sexist rubbish, leap up and hug them around the forehead, and explode.

To me, I think "What's more selfish, aborting a pregnancy, or forcing women to endure health risks and physical hardships for a pregnancy that is unwanted in the first place just so the kid can end up in a foster home?"

My sister's friend puked so much that she had to go to the hospital with dehydration. There were days when stuff was coming out both ends in extremely large quantities. This went on for the first five months of her pregnancy, and even then she wasn't entirely healthy for the remainder. She was always pale and sickly. I remember how vibrant she looked before she got pregnant. . .not anymore. She was a shadow of her former self.

Now don't get me wrong, pregnancy is not always this bad. But to force women to go through it, when some can be poverty stricken, ignorant of their own health issues, students, teens, rape victims, etc.

Isn't THAT selfish? Isn't it selfish to force a political agenda onto women you don't even know and put it under the guise of wanting the unborn to be born? Even so, the reach of the pro-life selfishness is so vast that it stretches into other countries, where I mentioned before how there are born children who KNOW that they're STARVING and being RAPED and MOLESTED!

But no, we have to force women to give birth and take on inherent health risks of pregnancy because if they don't do so, they are SELFISH SLUTTY BITCHWHORES.

Ugh. I'm goin' to watch Kristy Swanson fall on her ass. Goodnight and good luck, peeps. Peace out.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hello World.

Blogging for Choice has gotten me into blogging now.

Well, anyway, as an introduction to what will (hopefully) become "Student by Day, Feminazi by Night : A teenage girl's rantings on women's rights and other stories", I think I will introduce myself and my views to you all.

I am 16 years old and I live in Florida, Tampa Bay to be as exact as I want to be. I only recently became as politically savvy as I am now, which may not be much in the scheme of things but compared to some of the meatheads at my school, I'm freakin' Hillary Clinton. In any case, I am a high school student, a junior, and I go to college as well. Megan's my name and bitchy ranting about everything is my game. I hope to do it professionally as soon as possible once I get my journalism degree and get a job with a feminist magazine (hopefully. Cross your fingers folks.).

In any case, to describe my politics, I'm afraid I'll have to describe a recent Christmas present. It's a shirt that says "This is what a radically liberal pro-choice Pastafarian feminist looks like".

And it looks like me!

Im am about as pro-choice as they come, in case you couldn't tell by the above announcement of what inspired this little blog. I'm one of those women who goes to the marches and screams "Get your rosaries off my ovaries" while writing "Choice" on my stomach in big black permanent marker. I'll pwn your ass if you debate me on it, and if Sammy boy ever tries to take my rights away, I'll be first in line to regroup Jane and forcibly insert it right up his (and Bush's, considering their connected by Sammy's head being inserted into Bush's anus) misogynistic ass.

As I said, Student by Day, Feminazi by Night.

So, you basically know how pro-choice I am, which will be a biggie on this blog. I am also for every form of non-harmful contraception available. The last thing this world needs it more unwanted crack babies that can't be fed. So, let's prevent them, shall we?

Even so, I don't ever want to have children. And do NOT even give me that look. I know I'm sixteen and it seems like it now. . .PFFFFFFT. I DON'T want to squeeze one out, EVER. The whole idea of pregnancy gives me the willies. As soon as those asshole "Of course you'll want baybees later" doctors agrees, my tubes are gettin' tied. So, I'm a big advocator for CBC's. Yeah, that's short for childless by choice, and you'll be seeing that a lot on this blog.

As well as all that, you'll probably see me get a pretty fresh mouth from time to time. So, for all of you offended by teh awfull profanitee - Get the fuck out now.

In addition, as soon as I'm old enough and registered to vote, I will be putting in my ballot for Hillary Clinton if she runs. Why? Because she is my homegirl, that's why. So, bash her if you must, but do know that she whoops your ass.

I am also a big advocate of sexual education as opposed to the ignorance-only-let's-squeeze-men-and-women-into-gender-molds-again-and-call-it-100%
idiocy. The thing about the knight who only wanted the woman who shut up and put out did it for me in the abstinence area.

And Intelligent Design? Yeah, if that's gonna be taught, I want my science teacher in full pirate regalia, just like the Flying Spaghetti Monster dictates.

And just for kicks, the War in Iraq sucks just like it's creator, Dubya.

Hmm. . .since my finger are getting tired, I do believe I must bring this introduction to a close prematurely. I think you guys have it figured out by now, and if you don't, leave. You're beyond what I can do for you.

Hope you like what you see and come back to read my ramblings if you ever feel the urge. Happy Anniversary of Roe v Wade to you, and a good evening.

P.S. I also think gay people getting married won't hurt your marriage either. You won't get teh ghey just by letting them have equal rights, so get over it.