Monday, June 05, 2006

A thought about extreme feminism.

The above image holds so much truth, and yet no one sees it. Today, a young girl told me that "[She was] not an extreme feminist like me". Now, I'm wondering what that means. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people, right? Well then, how can there be an "extreme form" of being for women's personhood? If you think women are people, you think women are people. In my opinion, there is nothing extreme about that. So, it's when people tell me that they don't like "extreme feminism" or "radical feminism" that I start to see red. So, in other words, you like feminism as long as you still get to give women their cues on as far as they can go as far as their personhood is concerned. They can only be as much of a person as you'll allow them to be, huh?

Ugh. Whatever. It's just another feminist to add to the list of straw feminists that are killing babies, practicing witchcraft, turning into lesbians, emasculating men, and ruining traditional family and marriage. *Le sigh*


Drew said...

Well, I think one prevalent perception is that of the separatist feminist. The idea that women are not only people, but better than men and that men are necessary only for procreation. But what I don't get is why people think that that form of feminism has gone mainstream in any way.

Sarah Parry said...

You're so right! The media love to try and make out that feminism is only actively carried out by lesbian women, just so they can fool themselves into thinking they are taking on less of us! grrr! Really gets me annoyed. I've linked you off my feminist blog btw.