Friday, January 27, 2006

OMG Emergency stupidity.

So, I just created the post below, but that was when I stumbled on this sack of shit.

President George W. Bush on Monday told opponents of abortion their views would eventually prevail and urged them to work to convince more Americans of "the rightness of our cause."

Bush to anti-abortion activists : "We Will Prevail!"

No wonder the fucker wouldn't say a word on the safety of Roe v Wade, as if we didn't already know.

In any case, I do believe Bushy-boy is counting his anti-chickens before they hatch. I have to believe that Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the pro-choice majority in this country has SOMETHING up it's sleeve that can get his god-damn chicken fetuses aborted before they hatch, and ruin Dubya's misogyny parade before it starts.

I truly hate that man. He used the c-word. "Convenient". I can't believe he's married. Who could marry a man who hates women so much? Laura must have smelled oil money.

I mean it. He has no right to judge so many women that he has no clue about. He may tap into their phones illegally, but he has no clue about any of them. I'm sure if he found himself pregnant, he'd get his bumpkin ass an abortion as fast as you can say "nucular".

For your viewing pleasure, this sums it up. However, I stole the original picture from somewhere (don't remember where) and edited it.


P.S. - Please call your senators to tell them to filibuster Samuel "Get back in the kitchen, bitch" Alito. PLEASE. This is getting desperate.

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