Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hello World.

Blogging for Choice has gotten me into blogging now.

Well, anyway, as an introduction to what will (hopefully) become "Student by Day, Feminazi by Night : A teenage girl's rantings on women's rights and other stories", I think I will introduce myself and my views to you all.

I am 16 years old and I live in Florida, Tampa Bay to be as exact as I want to be. I only recently became as politically savvy as I am now, which may not be much in the scheme of things but compared to some of the meatheads at my school, I'm freakin' Hillary Clinton. In any case, I am a high school student, a junior, and I go to college as well. Megan's my name and bitchy ranting about everything is my game. I hope to do it professionally as soon as possible once I get my journalism degree and get a job with a feminist magazine (hopefully. Cross your fingers folks.).

In any case, to describe my politics, I'm afraid I'll have to describe a recent Christmas present. It's a shirt that says "This is what a radically liberal pro-choice Pastafarian feminist looks like".

And it looks like me!

Im am about as pro-choice as they come, in case you couldn't tell by the above announcement of what inspired this little blog. I'm one of those women who goes to the marches and screams "Get your rosaries off my ovaries" while writing "Choice" on my stomach in big black permanent marker. I'll pwn your ass if you debate me on it, and if Sammy boy ever tries to take my rights away, I'll be first in line to regroup Jane and forcibly insert it right up his (and Bush's, considering their connected by Sammy's head being inserted into Bush's anus) misogynistic ass.

As I said, Student by Day, Feminazi by Night.

So, you basically know how pro-choice I am, which will be a biggie on this blog. I am also for every form of non-harmful contraception available. The last thing this world needs it more unwanted crack babies that can't be fed. So, let's prevent them, shall we?

Even so, I don't ever want to have children. And do NOT even give me that look. I know I'm sixteen and it seems like it now. . .PFFFFFFT. I DON'T want to squeeze one out, EVER. The whole idea of pregnancy gives me the willies. As soon as those asshole "Of course you'll want baybees later" doctors agrees, my tubes are gettin' tied. So, I'm a big advocator for CBC's. Yeah, that's short for childless by choice, and you'll be seeing that a lot on this blog.

As well as all that, you'll probably see me get a pretty fresh mouth from time to time. So, for all of you offended by teh awfull profanitee - Get the fuck out now.

In addition, as soon as I'm old enough and registered to vote, I will be putting in my ballot for Hillary Clinton if she runs. Why? Because she is my homegirl, that's why. So, bash her if you must, but do know that she whoops your ass.

I am also a big advocate of sexual education as opposed to the ignorance-only-let's-squeeze-men-and-women-into-gender-molds-again-and-call-it-100%
idiocy. The thing about the knight who only wanted the woman who shut up and put out did it for me in the abstinence area.

And Intelligent Design? Yeah, if that's gonna be taught, I want my science teacher in full pirate regalia, just like the Flying Spaghetti Monster dictates.

And just for kicks, the War in Iraq sucks just like it's creator, Dubya.

Hmm. . .since my finger are getting tired, I do believe I must bring this introduction to a close prematurely. I think you guys have it figured out by now, and if you don't, leave. You're beyond what I can do for you.

Hope you like what you see and come back to read my ramblings if you ever feel the urge. Happy Anniversary of Roe v Wade to you, and a good evening.

P.S. I also think gay people getting married won't hurt your marriage either. You won't get teh ghey just by letting them have equal rights, so get over it.


[Lily.] said...

Beautiful. Lovin' it.

[Lily.] said...

Hey Meg, how do you put those different links in your profile?

I'm a little blogging challenged, it seems.


[Lily.] said...

I think I got it. Thanks!

I love the blog, seriously.

It's sweet.

Drew said...

I've been wondering, will you consider adopting kids?