Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My birthday is coming up, BTW.

April 4th.

If any of you love me at all, you will buy me this wristband.

That way, when I get it, I can write "for breakfast" on the bottom in white-out.

Please do throw ketchup covered baby-dolls at your computer screen now. They're kinda like tofu, a nice substitute for the real thing.


[Lily.] said...

That was beautiful, my dear. I laughed rather hard, and I am in class. =/. Uh oh.

Anywho, nice wristband. I'd so buy it for you if I knew you personally. <33.

Alito can go drown in a fallopian tube. Hahah.

[Lily.] said...

...were you planning an assassination of Alito, Meg?

Tsk, tsk! A woman shouldn't think such thoughts! Unthinkable!

Toilet. You. Scrub. NOW!

Hehe. Right on with that assasination idea. I'm all for it.