Friday, February 01, 2008

Take Action Fever!

Forget Bridial Fever. Catch the Take Action Fever and spend your weekend doing something much better than watching movies with sexist plots on The Hallmark Channel.

Be one of a million strong in Planned Parenthood's grassroots campaign.

Tell the Justice Department to prosecute the private military members who drugged and raped Jamie Leigh Jones.

Urge your Senators to cosponser the Biden-Lugar resolution to send helicopters to peacekeepers in Darfur.

And while you're at it, tell them to pass the Fair Pair Restoration Act.

Shop at Barnes and Noble this weekend, mention code "Bookfair #223842," and part of your purchase will be donated to the Genocide Intervention Network.


TylerP said...

Military rapists are heroes!

FEMily! said...

*farts on you*

Now I'm a hero.