Sunday, February 17, 2008


This video is immensely disturbing. If you're not a fan of women being forcibly strip searched while screaming for help, do not watch it.

So we've already got police using tasers on people willy-nilly, and now we've got them strip-searching the victims of crimes and leaving them naked in jail cells for 6 hours. That's just great.

For those that did not watch the video, basically what happens is that about 7 police officers forcibly strip a screaming woman, and then leave her in the cell with nothing to cover herself for six hours. She is suing the police department. I just hope she wins.

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FEMily! said...

I didn't want to watch it again (for obvious reasons), but I did see it on Feministing. While this case wasn't intimate partner violence, I'm afraid that many women in such a situation will be even more afraid to report the violence if they think there's a chance they will be treated like this by the police. Same thing with sexual assault.