Thursday, November 08, 2007

Revised ENDA Bill Passes House

In a 235-184 vote, the House of Representatives passed the Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) (revised version). If signed into law, this legislation will make it illegal for employers to discriminate against workers based on sexual orientation. In a move to get more votes, the revised resolution omits transgender people. Some Democrats voted nay for this reason. The New York Times article cited above has some pretty thought-provoking passages:

Senate Republicans said that, if worded carefully, it would have a good chance of passing, perhaps early next year.

Oh, how kind of you! I'd really like to know what "worded carefully" really means. "No trannys!" perchance?

President Bush threatened to veto an earlier version of the bill, but a White House spokesman, Tony Fratto, said the administration would need to review recent changes before making a final decision.

Recent changes = "No trannys!"

Representative Doc Hastings of Washington, who led the Republican effort to get a vote on the amendment [that would put gender identity in the legislation, probably to get more people to vote nay on the entire bill], said he opposed the overall bill in part because many states already had similar laws and because he viewed it as intrusive. “I do not think it is the place of the federal government to legislate how each and every place of business operates.”

Representative Doc Hastings of Washington is protected by federal law from racial, religious, and gender bias in all matters employment.

You can keep the original ENDA, the bill that includes the transgendered, by signing this petition.

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