Monday, November 19, 2007

Hate Crimes on the Rise

Hate crimes in the United States increased by 8% in 2006, according to the FBI. USA Today breaks it down:

•A 19% increase in crimes motivated by religious bias. Attacks on Muslims increased 22% to 156 last year. Attacks on Catholics increased by almost a third to 76. Almost seven in 10 were crimes against Jews, which were up 14% to 967.
•An 18% increase in crimes against gay men and lesbians to 1,195 in 2006.
•Attacks on people with mental disabilities were up 94% to 62 in 2006.
•Hate crimes against Hispanics were up 10% to 576 incidents.

But expanding hate crime statutes is unneccessary, right Bush?


dsf said...

From the report: 59% of hate crimes were by whites (80% of the total population), but 21% were by blacks (12% of the population). Who hates who more?

FEMily! said...

Now I know who commented on my archive blog!

I'd like to know where in the world you got the idea that I was implying anything about one group hating another group more. I didn't even say "Black" or "White" in my post! So you made up that paranoid delusion all by yourself. Good for you. The lesson you should learn from all this is learn to read and see a shrink.