Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hell yeah you're not fully human!

Oh, I do so love the romance and dating writers for Yahoo!.

David Zinczenko's newest column about sex and dating is no deviation from his norm. In fact, I'd say its only worse than normal.

Check this out:

Men in the presence of women are like children in a toy store. We have our hearts set on that special one, but we are still dazzled by all the glittery objects around us - and we want to look here, there, and everywhere.

Here that ladies? You're an object and a toy. Couldn't he at least come up with new sexist ways of describing women?

I certainly know lots of men who appreciate the female body as one of the world's most luscious visions. They feel the same way about the Grand Canyon - but they aren't going to move there.
Oh, perhaps he's found it. Instead of a toy, now we're vacation spots. But always passive things that are there waiting for the male gaze.

Many guys feel that as long as they're not outwardly being disrespectful with long ogles or stares, then it's okay to engage in some art appreciation (within reason, of course).
Ooh, art pieces. That one's there to class the piece up, I'm sure.

And a woman who tries to squelch that right with paranoid accusations might actually provoke her man to follow up one of those glances with action.
And last but not least: You cause your man to cheat on you.

I don't know why I'm such a glutton for punishment when it comes to these things.


FEMily! said...

He calls men "children," but at least children are people. The only time he refers to women as people is when he calls them paranoid. Real nice!

I watch Maury a lot, and I love it when men accused of cheating by their partners say, "Your accusations make me want to leave you, but I'm not cheating!" He might as well have "CHEATER" tattooed across his forehead.

Drew said...

"Speaking for the male part of our equation, I can say that many men mean no disrespect to the women they're with if they glance at another woman. I certainly know lots of men who appreciate the female body as one of the world's most luscious visions."

Weak. By this point, people know sexual harassment is bad. This is a poorly veiled excuse, and it shows a complete lack of empathy for "the world's most luscious visions" (WTF).