Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SD's New But Not Improved Abortion Ban

As if an abortion ban can ever be improved!

Exceptions are going to be made to the abortion ban that South Dakotans voted down last November. Rape and incest will join "life of the mother" as acceptable exceptions to terminating pregnancy. I heard on the radio this afternoon that there are even exceptions to the words "rape" and "incest."

"This year's bill would allow rape victims to get abortions if they report the rapes to police within 50 days. Doctors would have to confirm the report with police and would have to take blood from aborted fetuses and give that information to police for DNA testing. "

I hope young girls who have just begun having their period or older women approaching menopause never get raped, as they're the most likely to not take two missed periods as a sign of pregnancy. "

"In the case of incest, a doctor would have to get the woman's consent to report the crime along with the identity of the alleged perpetrator before an abortion could be performed. Blood samples from fetuses would have to be provided to police in incest cases, too."

Quite disgusting. How far will these pro-lifers go in not only their pursuit of ownership of every woman, but their general distrust of women? Which (at the risk of sounding like Stephen Colbert) brings us to tonight's word:

Pro-life Sentence.

Pro-lifers strive for a world without safe abortion. They want every woman to be forced into pregnancy and like it. They don't care about the tens of thousands of women who die in the world every year from botched abortions. What pro-lifers really want is for all females to have life sentence once they come out of the womb. They want a world where being born female is a life sentence as a sex slave for right-wing politicians, religious zealots, and narcissistic and anti-social personalities everywhere.

And then there's the penalty for illegal abortions: 10 years in prison, which is how much one would get for vehicular manslaughter. Why not life imprisonment? I thought personhood began at zygotehood! This is obvious proof that even pro-life legislators know that a pregnancy is not a person. Anti-choice legislation never protects "the child" or women. It only protects their pathological need to control people.

Since South Dakotans got well more than enough signatures to bring the first abortion ban to voters (you know, the people that this law would actually affect, and not the impotent/post-menopausal state lawmakers), I'm confident that pro-choicers will vote on this law to and win.

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