Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Don't Abort Jesus!

I think this photo shows pro-lifer's notion that every fetus (or, judging by the illustration on this poster, 6-month-old infant) is the next Jesus. Here are more photos from a cracked-out pro-lifer fundy, some with ironic captions. Is anyone else disturbed by the number of young children that were there? Pulling your kid out of school to brainwash them is completely irresponsible and a sign of bad parenting.* These kids don't even have to worry about this issue now, since they're not physically mature enough to procreate. Abortion is a heavy issue. Let kids enjoy their quick childhood. These are the same parents that protest Garadsil being given to 9-year-olds because they're not old enough to have sex yet. Oh, the contradictions!

*I would say the same if this were the March for Women's Lives. Honestly, I don't agree with parents bringing their children to any type of rally like this, because it's too complicated for children to really understand. I saw a lot of kids at the rally against genocide in Central Park back in September, and I don't think kids should be exposed to the ugliness of the world at such a young age. When kids are exposed to images of murdered children and dismembered stillborn fetuses (which pro-lifers display on posters as if this is what abortion is, even though most abortions occur when the embryo is between 1/2 and 1 inch in length), they don't see it as a symbol of anything. It's only frightening to them.

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