Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Today is National Coming Out Day for the GLBT community.

I hope that all of the gay, bi, lesbian, and transgender people that are taking this opportunity today to come out to their friends and family will one day be free from the bigotry, ignorance, and discrimination that creates the need for a day like this, and for days like the National Day of Silence. I hope that there will someday be a time when every day is coming out day, where GLBT people are no longer afraid to be who they really are. I have to keep faith my my generation is perhaps not as homobigoted as the one that's in control right now, I guess.

And in the meantime, a little amusement:


Emily said...

I absoultely can't stand it when anybody doesn't support marriage rights for homosexuals, but it especially irks me when other minorities don't. Don't they realize that they're in the same boat as gay people? The heterosexist is just as inclined to be racist, as anyone with prejudices against a certain group bases their dislike on unfounded stereotypes. Why do some minorities think they are immune to discrimination because, let's face it, at least they're not gay? Some jerk on the-N, who I can only assume is an African American male judging by his avatar, said that if gay marriage becomes legal, people will want to marry animals next. I asked him if allowing White people and Black people to marry each other was the impetus to the gay rights movement. Of course, he never answered.

Danie said...

I absolutely adore the cartoon that you posted. I laughed so hard I snorted!!