Saturday, July 08, 2006

Non-Hospitals and Non-Pharmacists, a match made in Hell.

I have a problem with people who take the wrong jobs on purpose. I also have a problem with people who think they have the right to throw out part of their job description just because they don't like it. Catholic non-hospitals (I refuse to call them hospitals, hospitals help their patients) and religious non-pharmacists (I do not call them pharmacists, because they do not do the job of a pharmacist) are exactly these people.

A recent survey showed that a majority of Catholic hospitals do not give women emergency contraception, even in the case of a rape.

They say, well, what about my religion? You want to know what I say? Fuck your religion. You knew the job description, you saw that it conflicted with your religious convictions. So why did you take the job in the first place? That's your problem, not the patients'. If Catholics feel like they can't fulfill part of what being a hospital entails, perhaps they shouldn't run hospitals.

I have a favorite example to illusutrate how stupid this really is. Let's say I apply for a job at the local strip club. I get the job. On my first day, I go into the club and realize, oh my goodness, these women are taking their clothes off! I don't feel comfortable doing that because of my own personal convictions. So, should I just tell my employer that they have to keep me around and on the payroll anyway, even though I'm not going to do the job I got hired for? No. If I don't do what's in the job description, I don't get to keep the job.

Here's another example. Let's say I'm a devout Catholic and I'm a cashier at Publix. They sell condoms at Publix, and a man comes in and wants to purchase a pack of them. Now, because I'm a devout Catholic, I am strictly against contrception. So, because of my religious convictions, can I tell the man that I won't sell him the condoms? Should I just tell him to go to another store?

This is what Catholic non-hospitals do. This is what non-pharmacists do. It's wrong, it's presumptuous, it's arrogant, and it's a misuse of "rights".


Drew said...

Okay, so I can get that they don't normally provide emergency contraception because of religious beliefs. I don't agree, but I can respect that. What I can't quite understand is not providing it to rape victims.

But even if one believes that live begins at conception and that sex is for procreation, emergency contraception prevents conception, and it's preventing consequences from someone who didn't willingly have sex. What are you going to tell the person? You should fought harder if you really didn't want a baby.

Megan said...

Oh, geeze, don't give them any more misogynistic ideas!

Arynne said...

You know the Pope is the most loved person, that nobody agrees with.

Well, I don't know about this one, but John Paul was awesome (he rod in a POPEMOBILE, that automatically puts him in the awesome category, and he was just so cute).

Ah, don't forget to tell Drew that wasting the seed is a sin (the Catholics are so much like the Jews (they aren't even allowed to masturbate)), thats' why they don't use condoms in the first place (I'm speaking in general). Have you ever seen a Catholic's family? They have, what, like, ninety kids? There's a reason for that.

Drew said...

Didn't someone actually say that?

Arynne said...


Steve said...

Unfortunately for them, in my religion, one of our sacred rites is punching arrogant and incredibly stupid people in the face. Daily.