Sunday, July 23, 2006

More Reasons To Love Japan.

So, in watching Miss Universe tonight because I'm a crazy Project Runway freak and Miss USA wore Kane's dress from it, I was actually very impressed. Not by the pageant, of course, because it was all about fake boobs and two seconds of talking. Not exactly a feminist's wet dream.

Anyway, what I was impressed with was Miss Japan.

Her final question was: "If you could take back anything in history, what would it be?"

Her answer was basically a women's rights rant, talking about how she would like to see "Men stop exploiting their physical power" and "let them give that up" and good stuff like that.

And, even though she was on a fast-track to the crown, she didn't win it. What a coincidence. It went to Puerto Rico, the actress.


Hattie said...

The pants and bare midriff certainly amplify her message of liberation. She looks like a pretty trivial specimen of womanhood to me.
Beauty queens used to say that they wanted to help bring about world peace or help the handicapped.. How times change.
Only joking, don't get mad.

Lily said...

I saw that, too! It was very impressive. She caught me off guard with that one.

Steve said...

I fail to see how exposing her stomach makes her point less valid.

Korea is hotter.

Megan said...

Korea is not hotter. Besides, it's not suposed to be a contest of looks! >.<