Monday, May 08, 2006

Okay Seriously. Somebody's Gotta Be Kidding.

This cannot be for real. I mean, honestly.

I especially like this little gem:

One can argue that a young woman speaking her mind is a sign of equality. "That's a good thing," says Sawyer, father of four daughters. "But for some guys, it has come at a price. It's turned into ED in men you normally wouldn't think would have ED."
So, if I have an opinion, the moment I put it into words I'll hear a fizzling sound and know that, dammit, I've made another penis shrivel into patriarchy-deprived oblivion?

I'll have to warn my boyfriend.

I do have to say, at least they mentioned the fact that drugs, alcohol, not exercising, and stress were all contributing factors as opposed to "Men suffer when women can't keep their legs closed". But still, some of the things in that article make the patriarchy radar bleep rather loudly.

In other news: Click this link if you want to be cool. It's totally free, and it donates tampons and pads to homeless shelters in your state.


Drew said...

I seriously doubt it has anything to do with feminism. People are more willing to speak about it now.

Megan said...

Speak about what? How women keeping up conversation and initiating sex makes for erectile dysfunction?