Tuesday, May 06, 2008

George W. Bush: A Special Kind of Asshole

It takes a special kind of asshole to let your wife decry the inaction of Myanmar's government to the recent cyclone that has killed thousands of people. George W. Bush is that asshole. In a press conference yesterday, First Lady Laura Bush said the following:

Although they were aware of the threat, Burma's state-run media failed to issue a timely warning to citizens in the storm's path.

The response to this cyclone is just the most recent example of the junta's failures to meet its people's basic needs.

I wonder if anyone heard the name "Katrina" blowing in the wind. I know I did.


Feminist Catalyst said...


I just stumbled upon your blog and I'm lovin' it. I'm a feminist of the Canuck variety so I can't take up many of your calls to action, but I support ya nonetheless!

FEMily! said...

Thanks for the support! Your blog is cool as well. I'll put it in my faves so I can learn what's happening in Canada.