Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I Have to Talk About This

I wasn't going to talk about the new advertisement promoting abstinence until marriage by the Bush Administration. I saw the video this morning on Feministing, and it sounded stupid then. But when I heard it on The Rachael Maddow Show this evening on my way home from class, it sounded even stupider. Here's the text:

We gotta talk.
Talk to me about sex.
'Cuz my friends do.
It's all over the Internet.
Now, it's your turn.
Tell me what you want from me.
An education.
A family.
Tell me you want me to wait --
To have SEX.
I may roll my eyes.
Act all bored.
But I'll hear you.
[voice over] Tell your kids you want them to WAIT TIL THEIR MARRIED to have sex. Tell them early and often, and they're more likely to have success.
Come on, Dad!
Speak up, Mom!
You can do it!

I assume the "tell them early and often" part was only said by a disemobided voice because it's wrong to put lies in the mouths of children -- Abstinence-only education is ineffective. Honestly, this wouldn't be a bad ad if "married" was replaced with "ready." I firmly believe in sex education early and often as much as the next person, but it has to be accurate. But, hey. Accuracy isn't exactly the Bush Administration's specialty.

But my favorite line by far is "It's all over the Internet." How about "It's all up in my pants." Sex is biological. It's natural. It's not something that people learn. It's something that people do. What does the Bush Administration think people did back in cavemen days to procreate? That is, where does Bush think Jenna and Barbara came from? The Internet?

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