Monday, October 01, 2007

ENDA to Exclude the Transgender Community

Still don't think there's a huge element of sexism in homophobia? The Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA, H.R. 2015) was supposed to protect workers from being (not) hired/fired based on sexuality and gender identity. But because House Democrats believe that H.R. 2015 won't get enough votes, they will vote on H.R. 3685, which does not provide protection for the transgendered.

Of course, I believe that the original draft of ENDA should be passed. However, if I were a Representative, I don't know how I'd vote. Actually, I do know how I'd vote, and either way, I would be put on trial. I would not vote Nay simply out of principle. I don't think it's a good idea to hinder great progress because my ideal for a discrimination-free society isn't going as quickly as I'd like. I'd rather vote Yay on the watered-down version and give protection to homosexuals than vote Nay until the more inclusive version was up for a vote, which could be never, and be responsible for not giving protection to anyone. But either way, it would look like I'm discriminating against somebody. During my few minutes on the floor, I would talk about this APA article and hope to convince a few.

If you don't find your Representatives name on the list of co-sponsers for H.R. 2015, give them a call or send them an e-mail telling them to at least support H.R. 3685.

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