Saturday, November 04, 2006

Election Day Info

I got this e-mail from the Feminist Majority Foundation the other day, and it had some information about voting that I never knew.

  • If you are in line at the official closing of the polls, you are legally entitled to vote, and the polling location must allow you to vote.
  • If your registration is in question or you've forgotten to bring a picture ID, you have the right to request and complete a provisional ballot, which will be verified and counted in the event of a close election.
  • If you make a mistake on your ballot before it's submitted, you have the right to receive a replacement ballot.

Imagine if Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House? Then someone will just have to assassinate Bush and Cheney has to drop dead (he's almost there). It's probably the best shot at having a woman president.

Remember to check out NARAL Pro-Choice America's Pro-Choice Voting Guide before heading out to the polls!

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Drew said...

Best yet, there are laws saying, more or less, that businesses have to let employees take off for an hour or two (maybe more, I don't remember exactly) with pay if their hours are such that they wouldn't have enought time to vote otherwise.

Unless the employee is a woman (though that goes without saying). ;-)