Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Toupe Speaks, And It Is So.

The toupe has spoken. The evil feminists will not reign on college campuses anymore! The poor, pitiful, oppressed heterosexual white manses are going to rise up and take these intellectual centers back from the man-hating feminazis that have dominated them for so long! The time is now, manses, time to move out!

Yeah. I don't get it either. If the picture isn't creepy enough, here you have the article that goes with it. I think just the url is enough to make you go "huh?" if you have a brain that works at all and you aren't completely out of touch with reality.

Here are a few gems:

The story did not ring true to begin with. Rapists sneak around and do things as anonymously as possible. They plan their mark and then police spend a lot of time and resources to figure out who did it. Gang-raping women in busy college party bathrooms while hollering racial epithets is not something that happens even at “Animal House”.

Sadly, despite his superior knowledge and his ability to see through the evil feminist majority lies, Mr. Usher doesn't seem to realize that gang rape at parties is actually pretty popular. I guess he hasn't heard of the woman in Illinois whose party gang rape was videotaped. Or perhaps he's absolutely ignorant of this Orange County rape case. No, Mr. Usher, you're so right. Gang rapes at drunken parties are ALL a figment of feminazi imagination. Good call!

The “suspicious” email sent by one of the alleged rapists did not add up either. Folks do not send emails to friends joking nervously about torturing and killing a stripper unless something very upsetting did indeed take place. As the story unfolds, I predict we will find out that the stripper made a blackmail threat in the bathroom – something like – “you give me a lot of money or I will say you raped me”.
Ah yes, because as we all know, the woman didn't have a rape kit that had conclusive evidence that she was sexually assaulted. She vaginally and anally penetrated herself just to get back at the poor, heterosexual, male athletes. Why? Because she's one of those (black, you know how those folks always like to screw white folks out of their right to money) bitch, feminist, stripper, liars, that's why.

In fact, this essentially proves that none of the 46 white members of the team even touched her!
Exactly! She was swabbed head to toe, and nothing came up. And of course, knowing drunken college guys and their etiquette around strippers, I'm sure they really DIDN'T touch her. . .anywhere! I'm sure there was no ass-slapping, no groping, etc. I'm sure that no man there even so much as grazed her arm! Being the gentleman-like group they were, all without prior criminal records, I'm sure they just watched amazed and silently as the two women stripped for them. That's always how men watch exotic dancing, and if it's not, well, I'm sure the feminists twisted it around or something. That being said, this just goes to show that no faulty police work could possibly have been done.

Our stripper is a student at a North Carolina Central University. Colleges are famous for mandatory hyper-feminist coursework featuring lawyers and feminist activists that teach women how to use sex to take advantage of men and any institution that involves men.

Hahahahahaha. I don't even know if I have to comment on this one. Now, I'm no expert on college, but I've been to a class or two and have a sister who is currently drowning in debt because of it (although I'm sure she isn't because of those anti-man woman only scholarships). I'm just trying to figure out how men hiring a stripper to strip for them at a party comes from hyper-feminist coursework that teaches women how to take advantage of the poor brainless menz and any institution involving menz. Maybe the feminists have already gotten to me through my small amount of college experience, after all, I don't have the superior power of being able to see through awful feminazi lies.

As most of us know, this is just another wedge designed to distract from the fact that women initiate slightly over half of all serious spousal altercations.
Of course they did, Mr. Usher. We know that those women shouldn't have started those serious beatings by refusing to get back in the kitchen or refusing to wear the black lace thong that their husbands got themselves, er, their wives for their birthday.

Feminism has already destroyed over half the husbands and fathers in America.
Of course it is, Mr. Usher, because a man who isn't puffing himself up after a hard day at work, ruffling his perfect white son's head after work, and eating a yummy Martha Stewart-esque meal that wifey-poo whipped up because she knew it was his favorite lol is definitely unhappy, defeated, and destroyed. I feel testosterone's hurt, I really do.

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