Friday, April 28, 2006

Return of Mr. Owl Face

Remember when I said that the Twilight Zone music would probably continue? Yeah. It definitely has.

So, we've gone over Act I and Act II of this little misogynistic, sickening play, right? Well, get ready for Act III, and honestly, perhaps a big finish.

So I had let the issue go for a while. I figured that I would just hate the kid in silence and if anyone ever asked me about what I thought of him, well, it's bad-mouth city. If the kid so much as looked at me in the hallway, it was a jeer and possibly even a little birdie flying his way. However, things that I have found out recently have made that nearly impossible for me and my aforementioned friend that we called Pam.

So, Pam and I were at lunch and we both spotted Bob. Pam wanted to go verbally assassinate Bob, and I wasn't about to stop her. So, she walked over to where he was standing, but sadly he walked away before she could skewer him. So all this did was make us angry about the whole deal again, but we thought it would pass and Pam figured that she could yell at him after school.

Little did we know that we would encounter another kink in this twisted storyline.

In Act III, a new character is introduced. We'll call him Dan. So, I was talking to Pam about how much Bob sucks once more, and Dan says "You know Bob? I know Bob, too!". So then I bugged my eyes out and whisper-yelled (because most of this was going on through Trig notes) "You know him? He sucks so much ass!". Well, Dan is confused by this because he's out of the loop. So, I wrote him a note explaining the whole situation. Dan then tells me that he doesn't know Bob very well, he used to hang out with him and still does once in a while. However, after that statement, his words became slow and strange-sounding. I think I blocked them out. . .the sentence itself didn't surprise me so much, but after following a description of the nature of the relationship between Bob and Dan, these words did not need to come out of Dan's mouth.

"I saw the pictures. I didn't know what they were then."

And thus, the return of Mr. Owl Face. I almost died once the words registered. The Twilight Zone music came back full force.

The big finish to this, however, is yet to come. I'm torn about whether or not Pam and I should take a sneaky-tell-the-girlfriend approach or if we should just bitch him out. Perhaps both. We'll see. Stay tuned for the conclusion of this drama.


Lily. said...

Megan! Megan! Megan!

This is my new blog. Since my old one is annoying. <3


Lily. said...

What the hell? We have some flagrant assholes at my school, but THIS I have never seen.

Gahsh. Keep fightin' dawg.


Lily. said...

No I haven't. Enlighten me.

Black Power said...

Wow. That's it. Wow.