Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Urgh was my word of the day.

Urgh when I saw Alito on the television this morning, urgh when I couldn't answer my Trig homework, urgh during my T.A period, and urgh when I was tired and didn't want to go to class.

This entry is going to be about the T.A. period.

If you don't know what a T.A. period, it's the class that I have where I am the bitch of one of the teachers. In this case, I am Ms. McMullen's bitch, along with two other girls. So, because I am Ms. McMullen's bitch, my friend and I were making copies for her. When we get back, her intern (who is not exactly 21 in the last years of college age, he's pretty old) is sitting watching TV.

Now, I thought he was a pretty cool guy until now, but today he just got creepy.

I thought he was watching the Discovery Channel, because on the TV is a 3-D fetus. Then as my friend and I walk further into the classroom, he proceeds to announce that the fetus (or, baybee as he called it) was his.

I replied with the general "Oh neato", and thought it would be the end of it.

OF course not. Never the end.

He goes on about the video and what they baybee's gonna do next.

*Interjection- Today I was wearing my very political in your face STFU asshole shirt reading "This is what a radically liberal pro-choice Pastafarian feminist looks like", just to let you know.*

So, once he gets done watching and narrating the movie of his fetus once, he rewinds it and plays it again! During this viewing, he proceeds to make comments about "abortion activists". My eyes bugged out of my head as he talked about how "OMG abortion activists let people 'bort these!"

The words pro-choice are plastered on my SHIRT, asshole. Buy a clue.

In any case, he goes on and on about what they can do, and whenever he forgets a little detail, I fill it in for him as a way of giving him a hint that I'm not some doofy girl who doesn't know shit about her body or fetal development and I'm not going to be duped by his assertion that of course fetuses are human people.

I got close to biting my tongue off when he said "Now tell me that isn't a human person. . ."

So, he was watching his fetus during his lunch break when he knew we would be in the room, he pushed his politics on his students. . .But don't think he's done! No no. He's just getting started in the ways he will proceed to break the borders of appropriate teacher-student relationships and ways to piss me off.

Not only is his twelve week fetus a baybee that borshun activists are trying to hunt down and poke with sporks until it keels over (as if the sporks are needed. Fetus - woman = death for fetus), but said fetus is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Mr. Intern-man leaped into the furthest areas of hypocrisy, and it was all I could do to not strike up a debate and pwn his self-righteous, inappropriate-behaving, hypocritical ass into the ground.

His baybee was a petri dish conception. What a selfish mutherfucker.

So, because he couldn't get his wife (who's probably five years old, blonde, and perky considering he told us he has "older sons") knocked up, he had to buy her a way to continue their DNA. So, even though he thinks unwanted children should be forced upon women, he can't bear to take any of them out of foster care because it wouldn't be his spawn.

What a prick. What a hypocrite.

I hope that when I tell Ms. McMullen about how out of line he was that he gets fired.

Bad thoughts, I know, but God-damn. He wishes equal if not worse shit on me and doesn't even realize it in all his bullshit.


[Lily.] said...

Jerk. What an a-hole.

I'd throw something at him, preferrably a pad or something.

BTW- Did you see the look on Alito's face when he walked into the House on Tuesday?

He was like a little sexist boy walking into a room full of pies and women slaves.

He was looking around in awe. It was crazy.

Steve said...

Oh man, its getting hard to continue to stress over politics, and I'm 16.
I'm so tired of horrible things happening and us ("Us" being of course Liberals or Democrats or y'know, people who pay attention to politics that AREN'T in Bush's administration.)
being powerless to do anything with Bush's little web of control.

Oh, and power to the Pastafarians.

[Lily.] said...

Megan! Megan! Megan! Looky what I have on my site!!