Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blog For Choice Day!

Here's my Blog for Choice. This year's topic was "Why do you vote pro-choice?" Well, here's why.

Because the Global Gag Rule still exists to hurt women in developing nations, even where abortion is legal.

Because poor women's access to abortion is about as dead as Henry Hyde.

Because a stroke of a pen can make the price of your birth control pills skyrocket.

Because anti-choice presidents appoint people who staunchly oppose birth control to be in charge of family planning funding.

Because 24 states don't require insurance companies to cover birth control.

Because our appointed Supreme Court justices think women need to be protected from themselves.

Because more federal funding goes towards killing civilians in Iraq in one month than preventing pregnancy-related deaths in poor countries for an entire year.

Because pro-choice also means no forced abortions in American territories.

Because crisis pregnancy centers get paid by the government to judge and lie to women.

Because access Emergency Contraception is still limited.

Because birth control costs fewer tax dollars than pregnancy.

Because men's idea of abortion rights is my idea of forced pregnancy.

Because Mike Huckabee would be an even worse president than George W. Bush.

Because pro-choice politicians care about women.

Because I am a woman.


Smirking Cat said...

I would be interested in a list of reasons anti-choice individuals oppose women's rights to choose. Think they'd actually be honest? Nah, why start now?

FEMily! said...

I was wondering the same thing. Do they have a "Blog for Life?" I'm both interested in and afraid of finding that out.

By the way, your cat looks exactly like my cat.