Friday, September 14, 2007

Apology Issued by Southwest

Long time no blog, I know.

Anyway, it seems that Southwest Airlines has issued an apology to Kyla Ebbert in order to save face. after these fiascos.

Still, I'm not sure I like some of what was said by the company's chief executive.

"We don't have a dress code at Southwest Airlines, and we don't want to put our employees in the position of being the fashion police," he said, "but there's a fine line you walk sometimes in not offending other passengers."
They didn't seem to think hot pants would offend any customers when they advertised them as a means to make money for their company. I guess women choosing to wear revealing clothing as opposed to wearing it because it's part of what they're meant to wear to bring in male customers is what's really offensive.


Anonymous said...

Only stupid people get offended, in my experience.

Megan said...

Then everyone must be stupid.

Anonymous said...

I agree.