Friday, July 13, 2007

And So Ends the Stupidest News Story Ever

Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo keeps her crown despite photos that are supposed to be too sexy. Well, they weren't too sexy for the Today Show. In response to being blackmailed, she released the photos to show that they were not so bad. Here's the video of her explaining the, I guess, more embarrassing photos to Matt Lauer. (The video is on that page.)

Now, on to what pisses me off about this whole thing. Some of those photos are completely innocuous. They show her kissing a boy and dressed in little costumes, like a ballerina and Cinderella with a pouty expression. Goodness! I mean, did she ever just for one second think about the children? Someone tell me how skipping around on Halloween in a pretty costume is more demeaning or less lady-like than, oh, I don't know, prancing on stage in a bikini and high heels on television in front of a live audience? If there's anything that can be learned from the adorable film Little Miss Sunshine, it's that the pageant crowd believes there's a proper way to turn women and girls into little sex objects (and it's not by shaking your groove thing to Rick James, believe it or not).

Oh, and another thing. If her friend didn't make fun of the size of her breasts, maybe she wouldn't have had to emphasize them with those little pumpkins. Just sayin'.


Drew said...

That whore-slut-bitch. She should have known better before she had a life.

FEMily! said...

A particularly tame life at that. You must be really boring if you can't turn on Bill O'Reilly, who gets all sweaty from Middle Eastern cuisine.