Monday, June 11, 2007


This week's Sunday Secrets showcases a secret from a woman who subscribes to the "Abortion for me, but not for thee" ideal. It's not a secret that many women subscribe to this notion.

You know, I have no problem with women who regret their abortions. I have no problems with women who never want to abort. I have no problem with women who get abortions and don't regret them.

What I do have a problem with is the blatant hypocrisy that's displayed in a viewpoint like this one, and it's common with pro-life women. That's why there's so much slut-shaming that goes on in that camp. Pro-life women have to Other the women who do abort, so that even when they themselves need to access abortion, they can pretend that they're not like those Other Women. They don't take this lightly, they used protection, they're married, they already have 3 kids, they can't afford another baby. All the other women in the waiting room are just there because abortions tickle, I guess.

Seriously, women that have that kind of mentality (and this kind, complete with "Men Hurt Too!") piss me off almost as much as pro-life men.

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FEMily! said...

That is so true. I don't know if you saw that topic on the-N that asked what we would do if a friend wanted an abortion. Many of the people who claimed to be pro-life said something along the lines of "I wouldn't agree with the decision, but I'd let her make it." Apparently the bubble they live in houses everyone they know as well. I think it's crazy how completely out-of-touch and removed pro-lifers are. It's almost as though they never think about the issue until it happens to them or someone close to them. Surprise!

I don't care about women regretting their abortions either. I would rather make a choice and regret it than never make a choice at all. Organizations like that say they're pro-WOMAN of all things, yet they commit to the same patriarchal bullshit that has victimized women for centuries: Women have to be protected from themselves.