Friday, March 02, 2007

My City Makes It's Name in the World, Too Bad the Name it Took is "Bible-beating Bully Heaven".

A little while ago, Largo City Manager Steve Stanton announced that he would be seeking a sex-change operation. He is a woman and wants his body to match his gender. He wants to be Susan Stanton, no, scratch that, he is Susan Stanton and simply wants his anatomy to reflect that.

However, some Bible-beating bullies who live in Largo want to tie Jesus up (and gag him to make sure He doesn't contradict) and beat poor Susan over the head with Him. Susan is facing firing because of the members of this homobigot conglomeration.

Check this out:

Until last week, he had served 14 years as the city manager, generally to good reviews.
That is, until he wanted to be who he really is. Now, suddenly, Steve was a wonderful employee, but Susan is "deceitful" and lacks integrity. Perhaps the Christianity-defiling hooligans at Indian Rocks Baptist aren't just showing how they feel about transgendered people, but women as well. But hey, I wouldn't wantto take awat their right to take away the rights and jobs of others because they feel squirmy when people don't fit into gender roles that generate stuff like "Men and boys fishing retreats", which, yes, Indian Rocks has.

I am disgusted that the city of Largo would allow this injustice to occur. Send a letter to the Largo City Commission and let them know that bigotry and bullying from "Christians" who spend more money on a Jesus theme park than what Jesus actually said won't be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

I think the deceit thing is particularly contradictory - they're upset he's come out in public with it but they wanted him to come out earlier? But it's not all of Largo - there's good people everywhere. Three points: 1. The law is in her favor, see for a full discussion,
2. the comfort of the City Commission and/or the citizens is a permissible factor in firing until it becomes sex discrimination - at which point it becomes illegal
3. there is a separation of church and state in this county, so what does it matter what Jesus would say any more than what Buddha or Ahura Mazda would say?

Megan said...

I know there are good people in Largo. I'm just upset that they seem to be keeping quiet and are being steamrolled by the not-so-nice people. And although what they're doing violates their own rules, no one seems to care. It's absolutely infuriating. I just hope things work out for the best for Susan Stanton. I don't see why she would want the job anymore now that she knows what type of harassment she'd have to endure to keep it.

And I'm totally with you on the separation of church and state thing. Even so, I think Indian Rocks Baptist is entirely wrong about what Jesus would say about Susan, considering he was all about that tolerance thing that seems alien to the4se so-called "Christians". Oh, the whole thing is so frustrating.

FEMily! said...

If anyone ever needs to be knocked over the head with proof that sexism exists in this country, look at the way our society treats the transgendered.