Monday, September 04, 2006

*&%$^&*$$#&(&%$# VICTIM BLAMERS!!!!!

Okay, so this isn't actually news, but it just pisses me off to no end when people blame rape on the victim for stupid crap like what she was wearing. Megan and I often troll around message boards. Sorting out misogynists is our raison d'ĂȘtre, and we're kind of notorious for being those feminists who wouldn't be so uptight if we just experienced the beauty of forced pregnancy between 16 seconds of fucking through a hole in the sheet and that walk in the park that is childbirth. Here's what some girl said after another girl informed her that rape isn't a choice:

"Well sorry to break it to you, but most rape victims draw attention to themsel[ve]s by the clothes they [wear], I've seen the news reports, 13 year old girls dressing, and acting like they're 18, I'm not saying all rape victims are the same, but most of them draw attention to themsel[ve]s."

After Megan and I both figuratively karate-chopped her head off, I reported the post, and it's been taken down. Feminists to the Rescue indeed!

And thanks to Drew for sending me the cartoon a million years ago.


Drew said...

Yay, now I'm famous! ;-)

I must say though, if you don't want your stomach acid to end up in your brain, don't wear a skirt that doesn't reach your knees. It's just common sense.

Megan said...

The dumb gets worse on there, unfortunately. Well, not in severity, but just in numbers.

Honestly, talking to patriarchy-loving nitwits is so mentally tiring. It's like talking to a brick wall, except dumber.